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Enjoying Your Calendar All Year Long

As we welcome 2017, I wanted to share some ways to embellish your paper calendars. I just can’t completely make the shift to an online calendar. I add most (ok-some) of my appointments to my phone calendar, but everything gets written down on our family calendar that hangs inside a kitchen cabinet door. It is a central location that the whole family can refer to. I have always loved beautiful calendars. It goes with my love of pretty stationary,  paper products, and fun office accessories. I probably put more thought into my calendar than most, but I want to enjoy it all year long.  I refer to it daily, sometimes multiple times a day and I enjoy it much more when it is inspiring and pretty. Additionally, keeping it clean and functional is a must for me. I have learned over years that if my calendar is functional, pretty, and organized I do better with planning life and tend to not feel so overwhelmed with all of the tasks and events that can quickly fill up our calendars.



This year I chose the colorful 2017 Watercolor Calendar from Papersource. I am usually a neutral girl in my decor but when it comes to paper products, I love to play with color. Since our calendar hangs inside our cabinet door the pop of color doesn’t distract from our home’s neutral color palette.

I found some super fun package of stickers at Michaels in the planners section. Why should planners have all the fun? Bring on the festive, fun, playfulness, and celebration for my wall calendar!

I added some fun washi tape to mark days that each of the kids were off of school. I individualized these since each of the kids have different school calendars. The washi tape can easily be kept by your calendar to use as special events get added to your calendar.

The Seasonal Create 365 Stickers are probably my favorite. The package is full of lots of seasonal fun for each month.

Last semester I had quietly taken Miranda’s college planner when she was home and added some encouraging stickers to it. She loved it! It was encouragement through the semester and on the dreaded weeks with lots of TESTS. Funny little story –  it was one of her guy friend that noticed the stickers and appreciated them! I think the words were “I’m jealous of her planner”.  So this might even be a fun idea for our boys too 😊.  I was excited when I came across these super fun stickers for college/high school students. This could be a fun little thing to add to a college care package.

There you have it, don’t hesitate to add some “pretty” and “fun” to something that you use everyday!

~Keep Imagining~


This is not an affiliated post – just me sharing things I enjoy with you. 😍

  • Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)

    There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens

  • Barb - January 23, 2017 - 8:25 AM

    I love these ideas! Simple and fun, and adding so much joy and beauty to an every day task!ReplyCancel

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