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W E L C O M E   T O   L O V E  T O  I M A G I N E

We are Miranda and Grant, the younger generation of the house. We are happy that you have stopped to visit and hope you will journey along with us as we share creative ideas for home, cooking and celebrating life.

T H E   M O M

The creativity in our home comes from our mom, Dawn. She is constantly thinking of new and imaginative ideas to create, share, and make our homes and lives (and those of her clients) more functional, yet beautiful.  By training, our mom is an elementary teacher who specialized in child development. Even though she loved helping children learn, God led the way for her to stay home and be a full-time mom. Well, a stay at home mom needs a hobby, right? All of the creativity that had been poured into her classroom started to appear in our home.  Bring on the spray paint, after all she is decorating on a budget. We used to joke that our dad would wake up one morning and be spray painted to match the decor. Although our dad’s day job keeps him plenty busy, he is great about jumping in to share his handyman skills on a project at home.

A few years ago our mom’s home creativity grew into a business. There is much more to our mom’s creativity; however, function and organization are always at the heart of it all! As she creates a room, whether it is in our home or for a client, she always is reflecting how the space is really used. Additionally, as you follow our blog, you might discover that our mom doesn’t share the same obsessions as many other moms with shoes, clothes, or purses.  Rather she gets quite excited about chalkboards, clocks, monograms, painting furniture, pretty paper straws, gardening, decor pillows and creating wall collages. She likes to change our home decor with the seasons or whenever a fresh idea hits.

T H E   S I S T E R

Hi, this is Grant. I am going to tell you a bit about my sister. First of all she is a FANTASTIC cook. She is a college student studying to be a registered dietitian, loves to cook with healthy real food and she is very talented. Although she has a gluten and dairy intolerance, she can cook anything amazingly, even without being able to taste it. I can wake up in the morning and say, “I’m in the mood for pancakes,” and she just whips them up. The best part is not only the yumminess but, they will be healthy. She likes to help people understand how food effects their bodies. She tries to cook with organic food (as the budget allows-says my mom), does not use food with GMOs, and stays away from processed food. On our blog she will give you healthy food ideas, facts, and recipes. If you get home from work after a long day’s work and are thinking, “Ugh I’m tired but I want a healthy tasty dinner,” then you had better check out her recipes.

T H E   B R O T H E R

Miranda here. Let me introduce you to my brother, Grant. You can say that he is the one who sleeps in the room next to me, or the one that I can pick on. My brother is more than a sibling that I have to get along with, my brother is my best friend. He has loved games since as long as we can remember.  It started at age three when he had a fascination with the 50 states of our country. He loved to read about them and most of all play games about them. He is excited to share a variety of games with you that might inspire your family to hang out together or invite some friends over. Maybe you are looking for a birthday present or needing a new fresh game to play. Grant will share games for all ages as he goes back to some of his favorite games from his kid days to his latest finds. We hope you will be inspired to pull out an old favorite or be encouraged to try a new game.

O U R   F A M I L Y

  • We are so grateful for our salvation through our Savior Jesus!
  • We live in the Inland Pacific Northwest and enjoy all four seasons
  • We have a white golden retriever who thinks she is a cat
  • Playing games is our favorite whole family activity
  • We have a slight addiction to NCIS and The Blacklist
  • Fishing, skiing and snowboarding are favorite activities
  • We are always excited to eat Miranda’s amazing cooking
  • Cooking for our family including a person who has a severe peanut and tree nut allergy, and a gluten and dairy intolerant person, can be a challenge!